Hello, my name is Travis Whitebird, founder of Whitebird Fence LLC. I first got into the fencing business roughly 10 years ago, self-taught and self-made.  I left corporate America to chase my dream. What once was a hobby became a reality and  a passion to build things! For many years, I worked my corporate job and always thought to myself “Wow I made it!”.  So even though I thought I had made it, I had always had a passion for the outdoors and building things. My passion finally became a reality when I quit my regular job to pursue the thing called “The American Dream”. The rest is history with a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

I can honestly say the best part about what we do day in and day out is the customers! I have met some wonderful people along this journey and I can tell you that we would not be where we are now without their support and believing in us! I owe a great tribute to my wife for all her support along this journey! Thank you, Maria, for all that you have done to help us get where we are today.  Last but not least, and really the most important, are my 3 beautiful children. You are daddy’s drive and inspiration to make you proud of the man I am and want to be! 



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