Wood Privacy Fence

A wood privacy fence is a popular fence across the Midwest. Wood privacy not only gives you a sense of privacy from your neighbors, but it can be an attractive addition to the property. I wood privacy fence can have a warm welcoming sense of home. The height of a wood privacy fence can very and with that so can the price. The most popular 2 fences in the Wichita and suburbs are 6ft, and 8ft tall. If a wood privacy fence is maintained properly meaning sealing it or treated it will help it last for many years to come. A well-built wood privacy fence could last up to 20 + years. Craftmanship and materials play a big role in the life of a wood privacy fence.

Ornamental Iron Fence

There are many options in this category depending on the height and style of fence you are wanting. Here in the Midwest the most common height is 5ft tall for residential. As for commercial it is 6ft tall with different grades of steel thickness and weight. We primarily use a Montage product made by Ameristar manufactured in Oklahoma. The Montage is a Steel product made to last a lifetime, with several style designs to choose from. Another big reason for using Ameristar product is because of their limited lifetime warranty on most of their products. Most Ornamental iron jobs are economical and require no further maintenance after they are installed. Great product for the money!  

Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence serves the purpose of containment, security and visibility to the property. Chain link is a great alternative to both Wood Privacy and Ornamental Iron fencing. Chain link is also another no maintenance fence with galvanized fabric, hardware and post. The only down fall to chain link is that it’s not the most attractive fence so most HOA’s will not allow.


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